Happy Birthday Maa!

Happy Birthday Maa!

When I haven’t kept well,
You’ve had sleepless nights.
You have spent all these years,
Trying to stop those little fights.

You are what binds us all,
You are what prevents our fall.
You are the reason why we still stand tall,
You are the reason I can run now,
When I could barely crawl.

You are undervalued Maa,
For granted you are taken.
But you manage to look beyond our flaws,
No matter how much we are mistaken.

You are the most beautiful person I know,
The most selfless being ever.
I can’t imagine life without you Mumma,
I can be without you never.

You are a superwoman,
You are the strongest person I know.
Nothing can wear out your unconditional love,
Neither rain, nor snow.

For all the care, love, food, chiding and encouragement,
To thank you, I don’t have a way.
I just hope you’re there with me till my last,
And I wish you a blessed and Happy Birthday. :’)

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