I have virtually been in a relationship with criticism. I’ve loved it at times, hated it too, ignored it or have given it a deep thought. I have embraced it, taken it with a pinch of salt and have even broken down at times because I’d had too much of it.

The way I see it, I have had more than my share of criticism and a lot of haters (more than those who like me or are even neutral about my existence). Starting from my schooldays when I was trying to cope up with the peer pressure and condescensions, to my college days when I ran an ambitious social campaign in the name of Rise, it’s been tough to another level.

But I was never bogged down by this. In fact, all I am today is because of criticism, feedback and introspection. I’m no where close to being perfect, but at least I know for a fact that I can grow each day, one criticism at a time.

All I wish to convey is that it is important that you seek opinions about yourself and absorb them while taking them positively. Just realise that we all have short comings and with the social life that we all have, opinions DO matter to a certain extent. So if you find a suggestion to be constructive (however bitter it is), work on it. I’m sure you’ll end up thanking those that challenged, pushed or undermined you.

Keep learning, keep rising! 🙂

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