Life is good.

Life is good.

Life is good.

I was in Ibiza and Mallorca for a week. This is my only take-away from my first and possibly, last solo trip.

I obviously got a lot of time to ponder over life and where I’m headed. This is the conversation I had with myself: ‘Life is good. Many of us work hard. We do everything to ensure we learn, grow and be a better version of ourselves. We try our best to meaningfully and positively contribute to this world and it’s people. We are harsh on ourselves when we fail because we expect to make it big in life, to live a life of impact, to be reckoned with so that we can.. oh yes, make this world a better place.

But we forget to celebrate the little moments of happiness and achievement that come along the way. Why is that? There is always another dream to pursue, another milestone to reach. So when will we take a step back to be grateful for what we have, for how far we’ve come?

No matter where we end up in life, nobody can take away the memories we’ve made, the things we’ve achieved and the relationships we’ve built. If the process is so enriching and beautiful, why does all our happiness depend on the end?

I’ve decided, mine doesn’t. I’m proud of myself for waking up everyday and pursuing my dreams with grit and dedication. I’m proud that I’ve loved and cared and shared and dared. And I’m thankful for the people around me who have enabled me to do all of this.

Life is good. Because life is how I see it.’

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