Why ‘celebrate’ Independence Day?

Why ‘celebrate’ Independence Day?

Why care to stop a person from littering our motherland?

Why lend someone a helping hand?

Put a DP with the Indian flag,

That’s the latest swag.
Why pay the fine when you have a setting?
Why say thank you to the officer who is sweating?
Set your status right to show the world,
And get the likes before the flag is unfurled.
Why share our food with the beggar down the street?
Why praise the farmer who grows our wheat?
Just order double of what you can eat,
and waste half of it, what a feat!
Why see the good that our country has?
Why choose Hindi songs over awesome jazz?
Get back from the U.S. and start your story,
‘I pity this nation, it’s people are ghory’
Why ask our children to join the army tomorrow?
Just share the joy, why take the sorrow?
Instead, share a photo once a while,
And salute the soldier fighting in exile.
Why fight the elections and change the game?
Why give a martyr the deserved fame?
Just switch on the TV and exclaim,
‘Sab chor hain, what a shame!’
Why try and be the change we want?
Why choose not to complain or taunt?
Just join a yearly candle light march,
Lose some weight and burn some starch.
Why celebrate this independence when we are not Indian at heart?
Why choose to change and make a start?
For us it is just another day,
Let’s keep all the patriotism at bay!
For all the fools who still wish to serve,
Start with something that India does deserve,
It may a be long and difficult mount,
But you and me will make it count!
Hope you ‘celebrate’ this Independence Day well! 🙂
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