I’ve got your back.

I’ve got your back.

Having your friend’s back doesn’t mean liking his mediocre picture on Facebook, re-posting her boring story on Instagram or writing fake-sweet and pretentious comments here and there. I mean, I am sure all that feels good (I wouldn’t know.. my friends haven’t even read some of the posts I have written for them lol), but there is more to friendship.

Call each other out to correct each other’s mistakes, push your friends to do more, motivate them when they are feeling low, get to know their worst fears and vulnerabilities, and build a bond that’s based on constructive criticism as much as it is based on appreciation.

We are influenced by our closest friends much more than ever. They influence our beliefs, shape our minds, provide fuel for our passion, and also set benchmarks for us. I am not saying we don’t have to be stupid or silly with each other, but when it comes to ‘having each other’s back’, I think we can pause and ask ourselves what it really means.

I know what sort of a friend I want to be. I won’t sugarcoat, I won’t be irrational in my support, I won’t pretend to like what you’re wearing, I won’t tolerate your intolerant and inhuman beliefs, I won’t embrace you for who you are without questioning it, and I won’t agree if I don’t. But if we are friends, I will definitely be there for you when you need me. Period.

What sort of a friend are you going to be?

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