It wasn’t love.

It wasn’t love.

If you could hate, just to move on,
If you could leave her with a curse..
It wasn’t love.

If you now speak ill of her,
If you don’t miss her a little,
It wasn’t love.

If you don’t feel that tiny void,
If you don’t have more to say to her,
It wasn’t love.

If you don’t wish the best for her,
If you won’t be there if she needs you,
If you now regret the memories y’all made,
If you threw away those gifts,
If you don’t talk about some stories from the past,
If they don’t bring a smile or a tear anymore,
If you won’t run across the street to say hi to her,
If you can’t forgive without forgetting..
Maybe.. just maybe.. it wasn’t love.

The way I see it,
if you could un-love her..
It just wasn’t love.

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