I was just watching Dirty Money. I went into a spiral of thoughts (very common) about the very purpose of my life, the best use of my limited talent, etcetera.

I realized that we surround ourselves with so many mediocre people that being less mediocre becomes an achievement. And that fuels our ego, creates a mediocre fan-base and continues to stimulate more mediocrity. If we want to achieve something great, something out of the ordinary, this must change. I think it is important to spend some time just focusing on excellence in the small things we do.. the opinions we have, the conversations we indulge in.. being a sucker for knowledge, developing a set of above-par skills.. these are all things that go a long way in achieving greatness. And it all starts with surrounding yourself by people who expect MORE. Who don’t appreciate you for being ‘above average’ but push you to go above and beyond in whatever little you do.

I really hope this is an awakening for me in the way I write, share stuff online, make career choices, develop friendships or formulate opinions. The standards must be high, for the results to be greet.

I’ll be taking some time off from Social Media in order to work on this more concretely. I wish you all the best of health and happiness. The online world can do wonders for you, if you choose not to get sucked in by the shitty side of it. Do what makes YOU happy. You’ll attract your tribe and lose what was never yours. Easy-peezy!

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