Body shaming.

Body shaming.


We have grown up embracing extra-ordinarily biased, stereotypical and flawed beliefs. As I try to unlearn some of these through experiences, people and posts.. I want to share the journey with those of y’all who may be interested. Sharing my thought process, not for debate.. but for expression. Cheers!

#1 Body = Choice.

Grew up believing fat is bad. Thin is less bad. Normal is ideal. Looked at fat people and felt bad for them. It took me years to realise that unfit and fat were not synonyms. Even more time to realise that to not desire to be fit is a choice. To not want to lose/gain weight is a choice. It is my inability to appreciate that choice that is troubling me. Not your ability to not act on it. Probably I am not ‘fit’ enough to adapt to your choice.

Conclusion: Yes, there are health consequences of these choices. If someone expresses the desire to act on their body, we can do our bit to motivate, advise, train, etc. If not, it is just as beautiful as anything else, only if we open our eyes and minds.

Stop body shaming. Stop giving unsolicited advice on the topic.

She isn’t wide. You’re narrow.

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