Opinions and bias.

Opinions and bias.

We have become so used to seeing things in black and white that we’ve got no room for perspective. Every person doesn’t have to be pro or anti everything. There are things about our spouses and parents and friends that we despise, but we love them with all our heart, don’t we? Then why do things change when it comes to a political, social or philosophical discussion?

I don’t want my opinions to be blinded by my love or hatred for someone. More importantly, I don’t want to love or hate based on opinions that stem from such biases. In all honesty, I believe it is a true failure if we go into a conversation trying to prove that very bias.

We should be very happy to change our stance every now and then. That doesn’t make us hypocrites. It is the first step towards growth and progress. So, let us stop being fanatics and start being truly rational. Our identities don’t just depend on the people or ideologies we support, they depend on why we do so too.

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