CAA NRC Protest

CAA NRC Protest

Tum baant rahe ho,
Hum se hum hi ko chhaat rahe ho..
Tumhaari soch see paray jiski soch hai..
Uski gardan tum kaat rahe ho..

Achhe din aane ki ummeed mein,
Humne kaafi kuch saha hai..
Arre tanashaho mandir chodo,
Yeh bataa do, rozgaar kaha hai?

Ab janta jaag uthi hai,
Ulti ginti shuru karo..
Chaahe Hindu ho ya ho Musalmaan,
Sabhi khafa hai tumse..
Thodi si toh sharam karo?

I never expected to transition so quickly from a BJP voter to a protestor.. but that’s the thing about keeping an open mind and being rational. You have to be loyal only to the reality. Not to a man, party or ideology.

Loved doing what I believe is my duty. #SayNoToNRC #SayNoToCAA #DoneWithFacism

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