AAP’s win in Delhi

AAP’s win in Delhi

It is so beautiful to see the joy in the faces of those who voted for this government. Kejriwal may have his shortcomings (dictator-vibes, narcissism, etc.) but the man and his team has changed millions of lives for the better. Hats off!

It isn’t relieving to see AAP get a landslide victory just because it ensures 5 more years of development for Delhi.. but for 3 more reasons:

1. People have shown that they can rise above hate-instilling, divisive politics and have voted based on the WORK done.

2. The AAP had raised expectations when they joined politics. Expectations that seemed unrealistic. But they have managed to deliver ‘despite’ being honest, to an extent.

3. Optimists like me, wait for moments like these to celebrate that ray of hope, the silver lining. It makes me feel that tomorrow will be full of love, growth and inclusiveness. That we won’t be broken by those who use our differences to divide us.

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