I got placed.

I got placed.

It has been a challenging year for me, to say the least. I have traveled across 5 continents, lived in 3 cities, studied at two of the world’s top B-Schools, and faced hundreds of rejections including one from a top consulting firm where I interned.

The only quality I really stuck to was resilience. And that has paid off in some ways. I will be joining the world’s most customer-centric company, Amazon, as part of its Retail Leadership Development (RLD) Program. This is a small step forward and I hope to make most of this opportunity to learn, grow and positively impact lives.

I’ve worked hard for this and it does feel good.

My parents and closest friends have done a tremendous job of keeping me sane in times when I’ve felt homesick, lost, demotivated or just helpless. I can’t stress enough on how invaluable their role in my life is. Lastly, choosing the right mentors was key in this process and I wish to thank Susan, Jerome, Madhavan and Preetish for motivating and guiding me.

I wouldn’t say I have all the career clarity I need. But maybe I am not looking for it anymore. I hope to take life as it comes and to do the best I can to make it count. Here’s to another chapter, another dream and another opportunity. happy alwayshustling

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