Master your Mind

Master your Mind


I attended the ‘Master your Mind’ session by Swami Jyotiramayah, International Director, The Art of Living. These takeaways may be somewhat generic, but I found them to be really useful. Hope you do too.

1. Silence is priceless. It is the mother of creativity. Silencing your mind helps you be creative and appreciate life. If there is a lot of noise within, you may not be able to tap your true potential

2. Don’t loose your innocence. The child in you keeps you alive, nurture it

3. We take our lives too seriously and that leads to high levels of stress and anxiety. There are 5 key pillars to take life less seriously: Singing, dancing, philosophy, service and silence. Dedicate yourself to these every once in a while

4. Don’t be feverish about your goals. Success doesn’t lie in effort. It lies in effortlessness. Start the journey with determination, meditate to generate the energy that will help you sustain that determination. You may or may not get there, but you will not miss out on life

5. Meditation is not concentration. It is the exact opposite. Lose focus, empty your mind and breathe

I took to meditation, starting today. When do you plan on working on your mind?

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