Have a conversation.

Have a conversation.

Well, it’s been long since I met someone I’d really want to write about. But here it is:

I didn’t expect much from this week-long trip of mine. But meeting Mauricio just made this trip so unforgettable.

This 23-year old, chocolate boy is studying at Imperial in London and is a dreamer. We bonded over our personal lives, shared some of our darkest stories, because there were no judgments to be made, no gossip or consequences. We swam in the ocean, jumped from a random cliff and shared our opinion on what we believe success, happiness and love is. We ran to see the sunset, drove across Ibiza, shared meals, desserts and even took a u-turn to just say hi to this gorgeous lady.

To be honest, if given a choice, both of us would have loved to spend the day with some cute island girl. But at the end of it I realized how romantic and healing some genuine and happy moments can be, no matter with which sex you are.

He has done crazy things in life, including shipping a classic car for himself (from SF to Germany) as an investment. He said something that really inspired me, ‘Don’t focus too much on success, zoom out and see the bigger picture and you’ll do just fine. Those who made it big in life may not necessarily of stressed so much on doing so.’ I don’t know if we will meet again or stay in touch.. but I just wanted to share this with you all because I feel that these organic moments are what make life worth the struggle. Look for them. Have a conversation.


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