The need for feminine values.

The need for feminine values.

Raj Sisodia – Co-Founder of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., Author of Firms of Endearment and most importantly, a son.

Hundreds of people have written about his work, so I decided to write about the beautiful equation he has with his late parents. It takes a lot of courage to share personal stories and I have utmost respect for him for doing so at the Conscious Capitalism Conference (EU). He said he spent most of his life trying to make his father proud. Trying to be what he always wanted him to be – tough, distrusting, surviving in a man-eat-man world and exhibiting all the masculine energy. It was very late in his life that he realized that he has a higher purpose and wants to spread the message of care, love, empathy, honesty, trust and impact lives by healing businesses. But where did this come from?

He believes these were the values that were imbibed in him by his mother. And these feminine values were suppressed by those around him. Today, he’s touched the lives of CEO’s and janitors alike. And this is only the beginning of a big movement. He stressed on the importance of bringing out the woman in you, nurturing feminine values and of course, having more representation for women in business.

What’s your take?

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