Meeting with a serial Entrepreneur.

Meeting with a serial Entrepreneur.

I came to Madrid with the desire to learn more about entrepreneurs and their experiences. Today was a major leap in that respect. You hear of millionaires everyday, but how often do you get to meet someone who’s helped scale 5 businesses?

Here’s some advice Inigo(of Groupon and We are Knitters fame) shared with me today:

1. I bought my insurance by going to Harvard, working for McKinsey and then for Groupon. If you don’t want to buy that, you can build something now, but there’s a reason why older entrepreneurs have a higher success rate

2. You get to work with good and bad bosses and understand the whole spectrum. You can then decide where you want to be, because that’ll define your leadership style

3. Life is too long. I’ve been in 9 different roles at 42. All of them have been challenging. So I don’t plan for more than 6 months ahead of time, and work on defined short-term goals

4. It is very important to know in what phase of a business you are most useful

5. You can learn about analysis and numbers in a limited time, but people skills, that’s something you learn over time

6. Most people don’t verify what’s there on someone’s resume. It is important to do so Here’s to the spirit of building and scaling up businesses. 🥂 Entrepreneurs IE

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