Let me fall.

Let me fall.

Two of my best experiences of the year:

1. Sky diving in Cape Town (at 9500 ft) with the ocean, mountains and greenery, all in front of my eyes

2. Bungee at the Bloukrans Bridge (216m) at 9°C

I still remember that moment when I looked down from the plane and the bridge. I was shit scared. But you can’t show it in front of your ruthless friends, can you? So I decided to laugh it out and trust the process before taking a leap of faith. And those few seconds of free-fall just made me realize how I want my life to be:

Full of hope, thrill, a dash of fear, some uncertainty and a flight that sets me free. Free to enjoy every moment not knowing what’s coming next. For I don’t know if there is a next. Do you?

Here is an ode in memory of these experiences:

Let me fall.

I want to mute the voices,
Voices that make a wall..
That try to dissuade me,
That make me feel afraid of the fall.

Oh! I am going to take that leap of faith,
In face of my fears, I will stand tall..
Yes, it may all go horribly wrong,
But I’ll regret not trying,
More than I’ll ever regret the fall.

#FallForward #LittleToLose #WhatIsLifeWithoutAdventure

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