I won’t stop.

I won’t stop.

Place barriers along the way,
Use all your might..
Till I breathe and believe,
I’ll put up a fight.

To power, to money,
To all that you’ve got..
I’ve decided not to succumb,
I’ve decided not to stop.

Try pushing me back,
Try pulling me down..
I’ll still see the silver lining,
I’ll look beyond your frown.

Take away the ladder,
I’ll jump to the top..
It’ll take much more than that,
I’ve decided not to stop.

Oh, I know you could be right,
I may fail, I may die,
But you’ll l remember I fought hard,
You’ll salute the try.

So wait to see me shine,
Wait for the beat to drop..
Make way for I’ve arrived,
And yes,
I’ve decided not to stop.

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