We (The 325 squad) try to plan an annual budget (in caps) trip to just take a break from our daily struggles just so we can laugh, fight and share our stories with each other. From Goa, Leh Ladakh, Andaman, Bali to South Africa, I can’t describe how I’ve come out feeling detoxed at the end of every trip.

So here is a short poem for the people who tolerate my nonsense, for the people I love:

I have you to tell me it’ll all be fine when I feel I’ve screwed up.
To tell me to keep at it, when I’m willing to give up.

I depend on you when I think life isn’t fair or there is no one to care.
You’re my guide when I’m lost, you’re what makes me dare.

You’re my comfort, but also my discomfort,
You calm me down, but also push me to put in some more effort.

There is so much to learn from you, the simplicity, humility and all that peace.
I just hope nothing ever changes, I hope we stick together, be it Goa or Greece.

You’re the reason I am sure this world will be a better place,
You’re what makes me question the greed, the lust, the pointless race.

I can’t stress enough how beautiful these 9 years have been with you guys,
And I am so excited to be that ass-hole uncle who all your kids come to for some relationship advice.

P.S @chinmaydharap @raghavagarwal @jaynamshah we missed you a lot, especially when we had to divide the fixed costs.

#315ForLife #WakaWaka #ManyMoreToCome

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