Dream workplace

Dream workplace

I want to write about empathy. To put across the point, I want to share an image I have of my dream workplace, a place where:

1. People care about each others’ happiness, concerns and personal/ professional goals

2. Pressure is substituted with motivation

3. Your teammates are stakeholders in your personal growth

4. Pretense takes the backseat in conversations, creating an environment of expression and not impression 5. You can be vulnerable without fear and where your mistakes will be questioned yet embraced It is imperative that we all try to build an ecosystem where there is ample empathy, afterall, we spend most of our life with people who work with us, don’t we? And that can influence our behaviour and personality in more ways than we can imagine. So, show some care for that stranger sitting next to you. There are people you know for years but don’t really know. And they have stories, stories that will help you empathize

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