A gift to myself as I turn 25.

A gift to myself as I turn 25.

I called in my 25th birthday with some happy solitude and lots of lovely wishes from around the world.

But most importantly, I gave myself a beautiful gift – A promise to reduce self-doubt and introspection. And I feel so much more expressive and light already.

I wanted to share these pointers with those who spend a lot of time blaming, critiquing or worse, perpetually questioning themselves:

1. You are imperfect. Embrace it Don’t Tell yourself otherwise. It only adds a butt-load of unnecessary expectations from yourself.

2. You’ll kill your creative juices and freedom of thought if you start double-guessing yourself at every stage. Sometimes, let it flow and trust your abilities.

3. Introspection is a good tool when you decide to look within. But the key question is, when do you look within? Is it something that lies outside that needs to change? Ask yourself that.

4. You are not so important. So stop taking the blame for everything that falls around you. People take care of themselves, learn to take care of yourself first.

5. Whatever you do, give it your best shot, enjoy the process and know that the results don’t always reflect on your abilities. There are external variables that you just can’t control. Account for those.

I used introspection as a tool to grow, but after a point, it became a roadblock. It became a perpetual exercise of questioning my abilities, actions and decisions. And owing to that, I went through a really rough patch recently. Only to realize that I should have loved myself a little more and doubted myself a little less. I hope I can keep this gift and cruise ahead with more confidence and belief.

I hope this helps a few of you to go out there and express yourselves.

Thank you all for the amazing wishes. It was a quiet, yet beautiful 25th. Cheers!

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