Leader of change. Woman of impact.

Leader of change. Woman of impact.

Meet Suhani Jalota! The founder of Myna Mahila Foundation and an eternal optimist that charmed the audiences at the Babson India Symposium 2019 and left us inspired to do more. It was indeed an honor to interact with her and learn more about her philosophy of making this world a better and more equitable place. Here are some key takeaways:

1. If you want to do what I am doing, you’re not a potential competitor but a collaborator. And I should be more than happy to help you with that.

2. The thought of my hard-working and ambitious employees’ (the ones whom she helped uplift) welfare keeps me awake at night. And I think I owe a sustainable business model to them. That is a challenge, but our team is working on making it happen.

3. I know a lot of our donors don’t share our values on many occasions, but at least they keep our work going. One has to be pragmatic while working towards changing the world.

4. I have women who joined me at a humble salary of Rs. 3,000 and today, some of them make as high as Rs. 35,000. To see them grow is a core part of my mission and creating the right incentives for them to perform is a major challenge.

The passion with which she spoke and the humility in her voice was enough to re-instate my optimism and believe that we have a shot at making tomorrow better. May your tribe and your vibe spread in the times to come.

P.S On a lighter note, she speaks at 243 words/minute. Good luck catching up with that.

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