Professor Taillard and the like.

Professor Taillard and the like.

Meet Professor Jerome Taillard.

He is part of the Finance Department at Babson. His smile says a lot about his personality. Humble, empathetic, caring and always happy to help. The extent to which he can go out of his way to help his students is incredible. Barely sleeping for 3-4 hours, teaching the same stuff to 3 classes in a day, not taking a break so he can answer doubts are just a few of the examples.

It is amazing what passion can make one do. His love for the subject matter drives him. But that’s not what makes him a great Prof. The fact that he inspires more than he educates is what makes him extra ordinary. He is truly an inspiration when it comes to discipline, sincerety, humility and a lot more. And I’m pretty sure I speak for a LOT of his students.

How can we make most of the Professor Taillard’s in this world?

Firstly, stop trying to suck information and references out of them. Sit with them. Discuss with an empty mind. Let them share their experiences. Let them inspire and guide you. These are people who have seen a huge sample of students going through the same dilemmas, problems and confusions. Trust them with yours. They could be wrong, but with these conversations, one thing leads to another and you come out feeling a step closer to your goals.

For me, A LOT about this MBA is beyond the classroom. And most of that has to do with people who have a lot to share. Go out there, and give someone an opportunity to share. 🙂

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