I spent a few years trying to fight each and every individual who littered in public, honked excessively or misused public resources. This led to a lot of brutal street fights, police station visits and a whole lot of stress at home.

I realised the effort was futile and just a means of taking my frustration out. I was risking my physical and mental health in the process.

I gave up on my ways a year ago. But not on my purpose, which is to change the status quo. I now use words to propagate my views and urge people to be more conscious and responsible. And I’ve seen people write to me to share how they were inspired for the better.

Today, my only request is for you to BE PATIENT AND NOT HONK UNNECESSARILY. Can you do that, please?

It is not only a sign of arrogance and bigotry, but also a public nuisance which has far reaching physical and mental impacts.

I hope either this post or the frustrating sound of the video will motivate you to STOP HONKING. And while you’re at it, just care a bit more about this world and spread the word. Thank you. Jai Hind!

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