Shut up ya Kunal!

Shut up ya Kunal!

I haven’t missed a single episode of Shut up ya Kunal. And that’s not because I agree with everything this guy has to say, but because HE ASKS QUESTIONS.

I don’t have my political beliefs sorted, not do I have a deep understanding of what is ‘actually’ going on, but I have spent the better part of the last decade asking people around me to give a fuck about what’s happening around us. Just because we are privileged enough to not be the first ones to be affected by these issues doesn’t make us immune to them.

What good is our education and our ability to reason if we don’t use it to make this world a better place? Aren’t we all just parasites then?

I know you all are too busy in your lives to spare time for ‘dirty politics’ and reading the news, but the least you can do is not fall for a narrative, a facade, a fake promise, a marketing campaign. Remember, you are as much a criminal and just as corrupt if you spread misinformation (intentionally or otherwise) and drive opinions with a personal agenda.

I am not talking about Modi or the BJP in particular, but about anyone who tries to tell us that we are puppets and can be manipulated into believing whatever the fuck our masters want us to believe. I’m not a puppet, are you?

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