From a loving father to his beloved daughter:​

Don’t you wonder how it’d be if you were a boy?

Would I have a wider smile at your birth?
More hair on my relaxed head?
Lesser insecurities when you came home late?
Shorter working hours trying to save for your marriage?
Then let me tell you darling, that the answer to all that is YES.
But you don’t know what I’d miss out on, do you?
The way I held you tight,
Had your back in every fight.
The salsa moves you taught me,
Having sweets wondering if you caught me.
How about you being my personal masseuse.
Or helping your mom and me truce.
The late night cuddles listening to your stories,
Celebrating with you in all your glories.
Failing to tie the perfect pony for school,
Or you saving my ass in front of mom when I looked like a fool.
Tolerating your tantrums when you were bleeding,
Succumbing to your ice cream cravings when you were pleading.
I remember how you told me about your first crush,
How you lied before your first date and left in a rush.
Learning to express my love to family,
That to be emotional wasn’t less manly.
Giving you safety tips that you never heard,
Or telling you that hair color was very weird.
Darling, I would’ve missed it all if it weren’t for you,
You are my happiness, my world, you have no clue.
So when you sit to wonder another day,
You should know that I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I left you when you needed me the most,
But I know you can sail far, far away from the coast.
Don’t you dare give up, or feel alone,
I’m part of your soul, your joys and sorrows, so don’t you moan.
Go out there beta and make me proud,
And in all victories you’ll hear me shouting out loud, somewhere in the crowd.
– Papa.
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