Look within.

Look within.

Don’t wait to shift the blame so soon,
Don’t blame the night on the moon,
Look within, look within.

Depend no more for eternal happiness,
Don’t blame those lines for all the mess,
Befriend yourself and look within.

What’s wrong with the world will never change,
A perfect system is never within range,
Unless you act, only after you look within.

Your age, your wage, that bumpy ride,
Let this not be an excuse with every stride,
You’ll get some hope, some silver lining, if you truly look within.

Don’t say you’re busy, you’ll only amuse,
Being busy is just a stupid excuse.
You’ll know your priorities and make some time, when you look within, just look within.

Oh silly being! don’t crave for attention,
Don’t live a facade and believe what your friends mention,
There is no constant, no forever,
Look within and you’ll run away from the truth never.

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