Stop this ‘meme’. Enough.

Stop this ‘meme’. Enough.

‘Tag a Rahul who you want her to marry’

I appreciate humour. I endorse it. I enjoy it. But I don’t propagate bullshit in the name of humour.

Those of you who have shared, liked, endorsed or even silently ignored friends that have done any of the above woh respect such posts, are as guilty as the filthy souls who make these in the first place.

You may like white/ thin/ tall people.
You may like black/ fat/ short people.
That’s a choice.

But creating a narrative around your choice, generalising or passing a judgment based on your choices, openly influencing or condescending others’ and humiliating those who don’t fit into your physical ‘filters’, is WRONG.

I strongly condemn such measures and I request each one of you to do the same, explicitly.

That ‘meme’ could abet suicide, cause depression, influence gullible minds and what not. Please don’t stoop so low in the name of ‘fun’. There are other ways to go about it.

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