Fairness Cream Ads- Condescending or Fair Enough?

Fairness Cream Ads- Condescending or Fair Enough?

I’d love to share my views in short.

I believe that a fairness cream ad is just like a toothpaste, anti pimple cream or a suiting ad (many more examples can be cited).

Provided it does not highlight the ‘before’ phase as the phase of a dark skinned woman/ man rejected by every possible human being just on the basis of her colour. THAT IS INTOLERABLE. (Still a reflection of how we think, btw. Just like our movies)

I believe in calling a spade a spade and I won’t be part of the ‘trendy’ narrative of these ads being unFAIR.

It is a product. It has a demand. If there was an ad for a tan machine, it wouldn’t be racist, would it?

Would love to know your thoughts too, just in case your Saturday night is as boring as mine. Cheers 😉

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