The journey, not the goal.

The journey, not the goal.

We spend most of our time thinking about what’s screwed up in our life, what could’ve been better, the dreams that didn’t turn into reality or just wondering what a stressful life we are living.

Take a moment to think of all that you have. All that makes this life worth your time. The crazy friends you have, the selfless family you live with, the little moments of joy you share with your loved ones and the fact that you are blessed to have what most others don’t.

Life is not only about our goals and ambitions. It is also about these little moments and the people that make them memorable. The journey is worth it, no matter what the end.

So just live in the moment and remind yourself that you have all the reasons to be happy and keep pessimism at bay. Here’s to a happy life, cheers! 🙂

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