Come back, you owe it.

Come back, you owe it.

I’m sure everyone of you reading this has a cousin or a far off relative or a friend who has settled abroad. In fact, you could be one who is planning on doing so too.

My title makes my stand obvious, but to refute, one may say we live in a global age and these boundaries mean nothing. Some even tell me that it’s ‘My choice. I’ve got one life to explore.’

All I have to say is that I am not asking you to come back for the love of your country or to show your patriotism. All I say is that if you have used the resources of your home country, it’s soil, infrastructure, people, etc. you are a debtor and you ought to repay the sacrifices the country and its underprivileged population has made to make you what you are today.

You repay in whichever form- work, govern, produce or do whatever that helps the country and its people move ahead. There is no yard stick and there can’t be one, but you should acknowledge your debt and do your bit. That’s it.

Moreover, research suggests that those who migrate to other countries are more educated/ well to do/ creative than the average person back home and these are the ones who are most likely to pull their home country out of poverty, help them develop and contribute to their country’s growth. So essentially, those who migrate to, say the US, are actually increasing the gap between India and the US instead of bridging it. Sounds fair?

I could go on and on with, but it will only motivate those who understand that there is a responsibility that they carry on them. That their country needs them.

It is that choice you have after you’ve become a successful young man and your mother grows old- you either serve her like she served you to make you what you are, or shoo her away in search of brighter prospects. Your call.

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