Litmus test for Patriotism.

Litmus test for Patriotism.

Finally we have a litmus test for patriotism.

Now your patriotism will be evaluated by a rigorous process put forward by the Supreme Court.

Step 1: Assume all citizens being equal. (Honest/Corrupt, Tax Payers/ Thugs, Hard Working/ Termites, Good Samaritans/ Murderers)

Step 2: Play the pride-infusing, soul-invoking national anthem.

Step 3: Carefully scan through the theatre where all  people have left behind their stressful lives and come to put their nationalism to test.

Step 4: Pick those traitors who are still seated and create a ruckus (a sign of unconditional love for your country). Call the cops to join you in your struggle for freedom.

I feel weak at my knees now. You know why. Bye.

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