Impossible is nothing.

Impossible is nothing.

Impossible is nothing.

I was a 15 year old, in the 9th grade, who went to a posh school in Mumbai. Belonging to a family of adults with very basic higher education, communicating in English did not come naturally to me. But in an attempt to be ‘cool’, I started talking, chatting, posting on Facebook, etc. all in English.

Obviously, I was looked down upon, mocked at and I regularly heard fellow students talking about my grammar or laughing at how I speak. At times I was called a villager too. I never shared this with anyone but I had never felt lower. Of course, we were all immature and I don’t hold any grudges against any of them. If anything, I’m thankful to them.

After facing this for quite some time, I was more determined than ever to learn the language. I started reading newspapers, searched for a tuition teacher and even watched videos online. A teacher rejected me after taking an ‘entrance test’ saying I was far below her ‘benchmark’. I eventually found another one and tried to learn as much as I could in those two years.

I ended up scoring the highest in our school in the subject and life had come a full circle. Not because of the marks (I’ve never given a fuck about them), but because I realised that we are only limited by our dreams and determination.

There will always be people who push you down, but it is for you to spring up higher. To turn challenges into opportunities and tell yourself that anything is achievable if you are truly obsessed with it. Of course, I am still learning and I always do, but at least now I know that I can grow at will and that I won’t succumb to pressure.

If you truly yearn to learn, those critics are ought to burn.

The only message I want to send across is that not being able to do something is one thing and not wanting to change that about yourself is completely different. It is a choice you make by staying in your comfort zone. Because honestly, if I can, you definitely can.

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