Parents- Creditors, owners or just a source of life?

Parents- Creditors, owners or just a source of life?

What are our parents to us?

This is one question that has always troubled me and I am craving for different views you may have.

3 very different stands you may take are:

1. They are our creditors. We owe them all we’ve got and are indebted to them. We need to pay back and once we’re even, move on and live our lives our way.

Questions: How do we measure the credit? Can we really pay back (monetarily and non-monetarily) all that they have done for us? Did they do all that in lieu of repayment? Does this approach insult the sacrifices they made to give us all we ever needed?

2. They are our owners. They gave us birth. We are because of them. They are our creators and we are their assets. We must obey them throughout our lives without a doubt in mind.

Questions: So should we do all that they expect of us? (education, career, marriage, etc.) Should we spend our entire life trying to please them? Don’t we have the right to question or correct them? When exactly can we be selfish?

3. They are just a source of life. It’s our life, our ambitions and our rights. We’d rather live our life in our way. Yes we value what they did for us, but that was their choice and their happiness was in what they did.

Questions: So all that they did was for nothing? Put yourself in their shoes, still feels right? The fact that you have ambitions and are educated enough to know your rights is also their gift, is it fair to use it to hurt their feelings?

Yes, I have taken 3 extremes and there will be people who disagree and I’m here to read your views too. But when we ask ourselves this question, we incline towards a particular ideology in some way or the other and it decides where we stand on this issue. Just ask yourself what type of a child you want to be and share your views below! I’d love to hear from you guys.

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  • Cracko

    These r always a issues to cope with. Build yourself to go nn create ur world until atleast u r self sufficient and then have a word of your life until then your parents are mentors ato least. By that time u will come to know what sacrifices r reqd.

    September 21, 2016 at 4:29 am