Farewell to your Ex.

Farewell to your Ex.

Emotional is the moment,

As we take forward a stride.
Life will be so different,
It’s been one heck of a ride.
Why look back and cry,
There’s nothing left to do.
We’ve done the craziest shit,
Of which nobody has a clue.
You’ve been a dream companion,
Loving, caring and understanding much.

I’m sure we have a great journey ahead,
I can’t do without you, you are my Midas touch.
As we move on,
I’m going to shout out loud.
The world should know I had the best of it,
She made me feel on top of the cloud.
So let’s smile for what we leave behind,
Smile for what’s going to come.
Carry the best of your past,
Some will make you cry, you’ll laugh over some.
Don’t think you can ‘friend zone’ me,
I’m not going to draw the line.
Whoever turns out to be your man,
Has to be nothing with it but fine.
Coz we’re the original pair, babe,
We make 1+1 eleven.
Not here, not there, not anywhere,
Nobody can separate us even in heaven.
You will always be the reason for my many ‘firsts’,
And first is what stays best.
I don’t know how I can thank you enough,
For being a cut above the rest.
Just promise me today, girl,
You’ll be by my side forever.
You know I am hollow without you,
I can do nothing without you ever.
I don’t know what binds us darling,
I’m sure it’s something divine.
Just keep this going and love me forever,
You are nothing but my spine.
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