Though I don’t know what it’s like to be gay, I’ve tried my best here to empathise with those who are. Here’s a short poem:

You say it’s unnatural,

Then how does it happen?
You say it’s flawed,
Then tell me what’s perfect.
Sure you think opposites attract,
You got what you’ve got.
But let me put this straight,
I am not.
I wasn’t well informed,
I didn’t know it was ‘wrong’.
But now that it’s happened,
It’s only made me strong.
Love doesn’t know your rules,
It doesn’t discriminate.
It’s your views and not mine,
That we must eliminate.
Let’s just say I’m ahead of times,
Or too tough for you to get.
Don’t worry about what we do in bed,
That’s for us to fret.
I’ll fight for my right,
Be it night or day.
I ain’t scared of shouting out loud,
I’m proud and gay.
#SpeakUp #RiseForGayRights
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