Do ends define means? (1)

Do ends define means? (1)

Hypothetical situation: 12 year old boy, living on the streets with his mother (single parent) and 3 sisters. They survive on alms.

I see this.

Conditions: I have limited resources myself. I’m looking for someone to help my mother with the odd jobs. I cannot afford to do any charity at the moment.
Dilemma: Child labour is a social evil. It’s unlawful. But, employing the boy would mean survival of 5. Should I abide by the law or should I choose to give them a new lease of life by making a little boy work when he, like any other child, actually deserves to go to school?
Assume that other solutions are not feasible.
Answers, anyone?
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  • Shivani Agarwal

    Since it is a complicated situation, any definite answer will give rise to further complex possibilities. But to provide a probable solution, I would suggest admitting the kid to a school where the education is funded and simultaneously employ him to job suitable to his age and caliber. He might assist some service provider like tailor, plumber etc, get trained and later work himself. Given the deplorable conditions of the family, the kid might himself work somewhere soomer or later to sustain his family. Providing him facilities ourselves might save him from a worse situation. So could be the case with other siblings.
    Or, if it is possible for the mother to earn something from somewhere, the children can be sent to a boarding school where they are minimally charged and are taken care of for all their needs.
    Hopefully it helps!

    February 11, 2016 at 2:36 pm