Inspire me.

Inspire me.

A small write up dedicated to Mr. Piyush Goyal.

I dream to lead this nation,

Like many others do.
But we don’t know who we want to be,
We don’t have anyone to look up to.
It’s just so impossible to choose,
We only know what we know,
It’s such a mess where you are,
You don’t know friend from foe.
I don’t know who you are,
I might know it never.
All I know is you can light a billion houses,
And you’ll be remembered forever.
Isn’t it all that we can take?
After all the struggle here.
Then why do we choose to do wrong,
And live in constant fear?
I’ve heard you only once sir,
And I chose to believe in you,
That we still have good left in us,
That you are one of the few.
I might be totally wrong for all I know,
We live in such an age,
But belief is what keeps us going,
It’ll help me turn a new page.
I don’t wish to flatter you sir,
For that you already have a clan.
Just serve our nation with a clean heart,
You’ll definitely have an inspired fan.
Keep fighting. Keep Rising. Jai Hind.
-A young man looking for inspiration.
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