As Direct as the Tax.

As Direct as the Tax.

A poem dedicated to my favourite Professor, Mr. Bhadresh Doshi.

7.30-10 will always be remembered sir,

Though 7 it was, suggest a few.
I never went by the clock,
But the clock went by you.
You’re a simple man with a lot of wisdom,
And your memory is the KO.
The day is not far when the department,
Out of fear, changes the AO.
Productivity is the art you mastered,
Not a single minute to waste.
That too with utmost sincerity,
Not finishing it out of haste.
I’ve been a pain when awake,
With more than a silly doubt.
You’ve still been patient and answered them all,
Someone like you is difficult to scout.
The perfection in all your slides,
Your unique way of talking.
It’s all going to be missed sir,
Keep showing us the way, while we are walking.
Sure you’re paid for what you do,
But for all this you deserve a weighted deduction,
I think the officer will add it up,
And below he’ll give a reduction.
Always carry that smile sir,
Keep us in your memories,
May god exempt all your happiness,
And tax all your worries.
You’ve succeeded in your mission well,
And all your efforts are plausible,
Hope to see you touch the skies,
Which, as you always say, ‘May be possible.’
– A grateful student of yours,
 Nukul Jain.
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