Muslims and terrorism.

Muslims and terrorism.

‘All Terrorists are Muslims. All Muslims are terrorists.’

If you are anywhere close to this opinion, I have something to say to you:
1. Religion has got nothing to do with insanity. (for ex: There are Buddhist monks who slaughter people ruthlessly)
2. If you were remotely right, Muslims wouldn’t have been the biggest victims of terrorism. (Of the top 10 countries affected by terrorism, 8 are Muslim)
3. If that was true, being a dominant population in the world, by now all of us would have been killed by them. (Approximately 21.01% of the world population)
4. You have no clue of what Islam teaches, because all your knowledge of Islam is based on Bollywood movies showing you shit stuff about it.
5. Just imagine being blamed for something that you yourself are a victim of. Life will be miserable. So think before you blame.
6. Even if for a second I assume you are right, you’re just aggravating the problem by infuriating them. If you’re wrong, you’re aggravating the problem by frustrating them. 
7. It pains them as much to see these horrific acts of inhumanity. Don’t add to it with your baseless/ illogical/ populist allegations. (A BBC reporter once said, you have more chances of being killed by a bee sting than by a Muslim terrorist)
8. If anyone is supposed to be linked to micro terrorism, it is people like you, who extend their help to those brutal terrorist organisations by taking away the normal life of innocent people and laying the stepping stones for their recruitment to such organisations. (According to CNN, the primary reason for people joining terrorist groups is ill treatment meted out to them by the society)
9. What would help is understanding the need of the hour. Fighting those who are responsible by not fighting those who are not.
10. Still, if you continue to have that stand on Muslims, just keep in mind, they are not alone, I’ll be there fighting for my people.
 A responsible global citizen and a proud Indian,
Nukul Jain.
  • Husain Bhopalwala

    Respect Gained Brother

    November 18, 2015 at 10:01 am
  • PJ

    Well said!!

    November 26, 2015 at 3:34 am